Sleep Training Workshops & Group Coaching

Sleep Training Workshops & Group Coaching

With a blend of unique expertise & empathy, I am available to speak at a variety of venues, including daycares, schools, coffee shops, and more, spreading awareness and empowering communities to embrace restful nights for both children and parents alike with my sleep training workshops. 

My trainings are designed to provide comprehensive guidance and support for caregivers seeking to establish healthy sleep habits for their little ones. Through a combination of unique expertise, evidence-based techniques, and compassionate understanding, I empower parents & nannies to navigate the complexities of pediatric sleep with confidence and ease. 

In my sleep training workshops, I delve into a range of topics essential for understanding and improving children's sleep. Moreover, depending on the type of sleep training workshop, or training you are interested in, I cover everything from the science of sleep and typical sleep patterns at different developmental stages to practical tips for creating conducive sleep environments and managing sleep disruptions. 

Whether you're a sleep-deprived parent seeking guidance or a community organization looking to host an informative event, my pediatric sleep training workshops offer a wealth of resources and support. Join me in my mission to help families achieve the peaceful, restorative sleep & balance they so deserve!

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