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Designed to help you navigate through parenting maze, here are my FREE sleep training resources available for instant download. It is my intention & hope, this content answers some of your great concerns or questions you have. 

I am here for you. I cannot wait to help your family thrive.  

If there are still questions or concerns that stop you from beginning sleep training journey or maybe you want to start but are not sure how much support you need: click here.



FREE Sleep Training Resources

"Stress, Tears & Attachment during sleep training"

Is Ferber's method the only way to help your baby sleep well? Absolutely not.
This document presents my stance on stress and tears during sleep training based on my multi year experience and extensive research. Allow me to put some sleep stereotypes to sleep & put your mind at ease.

FREE Sleep Training Resources

"The Comprehensive Guide to Short Naps"

"Is it normal my baby takes short naps? Is is it a 4 month sleep regression?" are one most of the 2 most common baby sleep questions I receive. Let me help you to navigate through short naps with my FREE comprehensive guide.

FREE Sleep Training Resources

"Bye-Bye Paci" Guide to Pacifier Elimination

Pacifier elimination, whether due to sleep reliance or age, is probably one of the most dreaded moments of parenting! It is my hope this sleep training resource gives you confidence and guidance to successful paci elimination.

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In those first formative years of our children's lives, we lay foundation for their healthy sleep habits but also relationship with food. I am sharing what I have gathered over the years to help parents ensure optimum nutrition balance.