My name is....

Ola Banasik

I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, with multi-year experience and I am absolutely THRILLED at the opportunity of helping your baby and your family thrive!

Years of working professionally as an educator, full-time caregiver then pediatric sleep coach allowed me to gain extensive experience within childcare, children’s psychology and parenting challenges.  

My journey into pediatric sleep consulting was not just a career choice. It was passion that ignited my mission to bring balance & rest to families. With a deep understanding of child development and sleep science, I approach each family with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

With my holistic approach, I help exhausted parents teach their babies fundamentals of healthy sleep while addressing and solving their current sleep challenges in ways that allow parents to be appropriately responsive in the process: because I am against leaving babies alone without checking on them - I do not teach extinction methods, aka Cry It Out. 

I consider independent sleep a GIFT - not only to help your baby sleep through the night but also to allow them to grow, develop & thrive.

Combining my background in children's psychology and childcare experience with practical advice, empathy and energetic principles, I am not quite like any other coach you’ve encountered. I infuse my sleep plans with love, empathy & consideration and surround a family with my genuine support throughout our consultation.   

I promise you there is an answer - the solution is much closer than you think.



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In this guide, I address stress and tears during sleep training. Based on science, my multi-year experience and extensive research, I put sleep training stereotypes to rest & your mind at ease.