Sleep Training Support

I infuse my sleep training support plans with love, consideration & support. It is my mission to empower and support your family so your baby can thrive and you can begin experiencing parenting in a completely different way. 

Combining my background in children's psychology and childcare experience with practical advice, empathy and energetic principles, I am not quite like any other coach you’ve encountered! 

I promise you there is an answer. 




In the digital age, distance should never be a barrier to quality sleep solutions. Ola extends her exclusive support through online sleep training services. From the comfort of your home, connect with her via video calls, text/voice messages or emails to receive personalized sleep training support tailored to your child's sleep needs. Experience the convenience of expert advice at your fingertips, regardless of your location.


For families in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Ola brings her expertise directly to your doorstep! Her in-home sleep services go beyond conventional methods, allowing Ola to assess your child's sleep environment firsthand, craft a customized sleep training support that fits seamlessly into your daily life while providing invaluable support for exhausted parents.


With a blend of expertise and empathy, I am available for hire to speak at a variety of venues, including daycares, schools, coffee shops, and more, spreading awareness and empowering communities to embrace restful nights for both children and parents alike. From soothing bedtime routines to tackling night-wakings with confidence, these workshops provide caregivers guidance to navigate through their little ones' sleep challenges.