Let's restore peace & balance to your family 

through the gift of baby sleep training

Don’t hit the panic button just yet!

Helping exhausted parents instill healthy sleep habits, solving their babies' sleep struggles & giving them much needed support is my calling - it is what I do. 

Approaching sleep as a foundation for your baby’s wellness, my sleep plans will help you address sleep training fears and use it as empowerment, not punishment.

No wonder parents feel like they are drowning

There is so much joyfulness & deep gratitude that come with becoming a parent but also worry, doubt & guilt. 

The pressure and overwhelm are solid.

Ah, and the expectations... Not necessarily coming from within yourself, but family, friends, society, even strangers.

This can leave parents exhausted and defeated from the beginning of their parenthood journeys.

Especially if they don’t know that there is another way.


baby sleep training


I am Ola!

With over a decade of experience as an educator, caregiver and pediatric sleep coach, I pour all my knowledge & expertise into helping exhausted parents teach their babies fundamentals of healthy sleep.

My journey into pediatric sleep consulting was not just a career choice. It was passion that ignited my mission to bring balance & rest to families. With a deep understanding of child development and sleep science, I approach each family with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Give A Chance To An Entirely Different Approach


Navigating the baby sleep world can be daunting and lonely. I am here to help you end bedtime struggles, offering holistic baby sleep training methods tailored to your baby’s age, temperament & family dynamics . Available online and in-home, these one-to-one consultations will support you and your little one to get that much-needed rest.

Baby falling asleep without rocking, feeding or bouncing? Consider it done.

Peaceful nights without unnecessary wakings? Of course.

A toddler who stays in their room? Within reach.

A date night without dread and anxiety? Pick a date!

A rested child who is healthy & thriving? When are we starting?

baby sleep training

What Parents Say...


"Ola's plan are so detailed & to the point we hardly had to email her for pointers, although she checked on us many times. She is extremely professional and considerate".

Rachel S.


"If you stay consistent, major miracles can happen! We failed at the first attempt but we got it right the second time & Ola was so supportive in the process."

Shannon S.


"I didn't think there was anything we could do about our son's sleep. Ola proved us wrong and showed us that even the smallest progress is still progress. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it."

Alex S.


Support At Hand

Whether it’s via a phone call, text or email -  I’m only a message away to offer my support & instant help!

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Custom package tailored just for your family?

We can absolutely create a custom sleep support package that will be right just for your family - there is always room for more & flexibility!

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Commit to Your Child's Health

Trust the magic of holistic baby sleep training methods & empower your child with the gift of independent sleep!


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