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online sleep training

Allow me to give you a virtual hug first. Now, breathe a sigh of relief because my online sleep training is where your parenting sleep troubles end and harmony begins. 

I know that getting your baby to fall or stay asleep is one of the biggest parenting challenges. What is more, not only does lack of sleep take a toll on your child's wellness but also yours. 

And we both know, when sleep depravation hits, nothing looks or feels like it should.

Let's not forget the guilt that creeps up on you out of nowhere "because you should know how to do this; because it is your child". 

"Guilt is only useful to the degree that it allows us to identify something we would like to do differently going forward. 

 From there, guilt is toxic, unhealthy and a liar."

Parenting should not feel like survival & exhaustion is not a measuring stick for successful parenting.

 All we can do is to move forward.

So let me ask you, does any of it sound familiar?

Both you and your baby are exhausted & unhappy. Sleep deprivation affects the entire family.  

 Naps or bedtime send shivers down your spine. This is not a norm - rest should not be something we or our child dread.

You need to feed, bounce, rock your baby to sleep and you feel there is no other way to pout them to sleep.

You worry your child is not getting enough sleep to support their growth - they seem chronically tired.

You are at the edge of exhaustion & just want to feel like yourself again.

You want to make changes but have no idea where to start.

You do not love the idea of Cry-It-Out and would like to try a more responsive approach.

You are about to lose your sh*t.

Take a deep breath

because change is possible & it starts right now.


I am Ola

I am Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, a former nanny and educator. I pour all my knowledge, expertise and empathy into helping exhausted parents teach their babies healthy sleep habits. I offer online sleep training solutions for babies and toddlers, using methods that allow parents to be appropriately responsive during the process. I infuse my plans with love & consideration and surround families with genuine support. 

What really is sleep training?

online sleep training

Sleep training is simply a process of helping a baby learn to sleep well.


In my holistic approach to pediatric sleep training, I integrate a comprehensive understanding of child's development, their temperament, nutrition, family dynamics to establish a well-grounded foundation for healthy sleep habits that will serve the baby far beyond infancy & toddlerhood. 

I prioritize gentle, intermediate & responsive methods that acknowledge the unique temperament of each child while considering parents' values and goals.

Online Sleep Support 

(4 months - 4 years )



Discuss your baby’s sleep routine, have a personalized sleep plan, and implement it into your day-to-day life with essential phone call support!

  • Comprehensive assessment of your child's sleep habits, daily routine and development.
  • Entirely customized, holistic & extensive written sleep plan
  • 30-min phone call to discuss the plan prior to starting
  • 2 week of sleep log tracking
  • 2 phone call consultations within duration of our consultation


After assessing your little one’s sleep needs, get a fully customized sleep plan, plus follow-up phone calls and email support to see the sleep success!

  • Comprehensive assessment of your child's sleep habits, daily routine and development.
  • Entirely customized, holistic & extensive written sleep plan
  • 30 min phone call to discuss the plan prior to starting
  • 2 week of sleep log tracking
  • 3 phone call consultations within duration of our consultation
  • 2 week UNLIMITED email support
  • My "The Comprehensive Baby Food Guide: all you need to know about your child's nutrition from birth to toddlerhood" E-book


A fully supportive package that comes with a customized sleep plan, email and text support, phone calls *even on weekends*, 1st bedtime phone support & a follow-up email after consultation ends.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your child's sleep habits, daily routine and development.
  • Entirely customized, holistic & extensive written sleep plan
  • 45 min phone call to discuss the plan prior to starting
  • 2 week of sleep log tracking
  • 4 phone call consultations within duration of our consultation
  • 2 week UNLIMITED email & text, voice message support
  •  1st night bedtime phone support during extended hours
  •  1 email consultation after our consultation ends
  • My "The Comprehensive Baby Food Guide: all you need to know about your child's nutrition from birth to toddlerhood" ebook
  •  A gift of your choosing from out Baby Store!

*Prices may vary if you have multiples

*Email and text support will be provided during the business hours



"We couldn't believe Josh went to sleep fully by himself on night 5! I wish we hadn't waited so long. Our   online sleep training plan was very detailed but easy to follow. So glad we did it!" 

- Melody 

"I highly recommend Ola. Turned out all we needed was to adjust Marley's schedule and stay a bit more consistent at bedtime. Her holistic approach and professionalism made our consultation a wonderful experience." 

- Raquel

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Online sleep Training

Will it be hard?

It is a very relative question because it all depends on parents' mindset and their perception. "Hard" is different for everyone. It is important to recognize that changing habits with babies & toddlers does require effort & consistency. Each age has its advantages - babies are not so set in their habits, toddlers understand quickly. Bedtimes may take 1.5h or 20 minutes - because each baby is unique, the process of sleep training is different for each family. It is important set realistic expectations which is what we will do at the beginning of our consultation. 

Will my baby cry?

This is probably one of the most common questions parents ask. The methods I teach are gentle & intermediate and they allow parents to check on their babies in a bigger or smaller extent. I will be 100% transparent with you right now - sometimes, while helping baby learn independent sleep, crying is inevitable, especially when a child is very set in their ways of sleeping or does not adapt to changes easily.

I perfectly understand that when your baby cries, it is your very first instinct to stop it and your own discomfort is better than bearing one second of your child’s. I am certain you know this, but allow me to remind you that babies communicate many different needs through crying (being cold, too hot, bored, unhappy, upset, too simulated, not stimulated enough). Crying is communication. Therefore, when you will be changing your child'd routine, their habits, they may protest new changes by crying. It will be simply their expression of displeasure at the new changes. While we can apply methods that minimize tears, I would be doing you a disservice by saying we can totally avoid them.

What is the guarantee this will work?

I want you to know that I am going to stick with you until we see your goals happen. Until then, I am not leaving your side. I just happen to know it takes about two weeks of commitment and consistency to see significant changes.

If for some reason, we get to the end of two weeks and we are still not quite there, I will continue to work with you until we reach those goals by offering additional support. 

Furthermore, while I commit fully to helping your family, I also consider us a TEAM. I am expecting that if I ask you to do certain things, like fill out the log or answer some questions, you have to do that. So again, while I commit to stay with you until we achieve your goals, I ask that you work with me 100% in communication, consistency, and trusting me to know we are going to do this together. 

Because if you don’t do what I ask or you don't communicate with me, I will not be able to help your family to the best of my ability. 

Invest In Your Baby’s Health & Wellness:




Choose & Sign

Choose a package that fits your family's needs best . Next, I will send you a simple consultation agreement & comprehensive questionnaire so I can learn as much as possible about your child and compose a fully-personalized plan of action!



Apply The Steps

This phase is the longest in the entire process - it is basically the course of our  consultation.

When you receive my online sleep training plan, you have 2 options before our consultation starts: you may schedule a call to discuss the plan prior to starting or you can start right then. 

No matter what support plan you choose - for 2 weeks I will guide, support and cheer you on through this process. Seeing results depends on your consistency but also your child - every child is different and adapts to changes at their own pace. This process looks differently for each family.


I will be in your corner making sure you do not lose the sight of the end goal & we make any changes together if necessary.



Enjoy the Happy Zzz's

My favorite part! I can already see myself clapping to my monitor while reading your final update! All I truly want for you is to see your entire family happy & refreshed from good night sleep, your baby thriving and you enjoying your life.

Custom package tailored just for your family!

online sleep training

We can absolutely create a custom online sleep training package that will be right just for your family - there is always room for more & flexibility!

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