Pediatric Sleep Training

Welcome to the realm of peaceful nights, rest and balance, founded by Ola Banasik, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with a passion for helping families to transform sleep struggles into success stories.

Whether you're seeking Online Support or In-Home consultations, Ola brings her expertise to you, offering affordable sleep training services designed to meet the unique needs of your family.

Pediatric Sleep Training

Online Sleep Training: Wherever You Are, Ola Is There!

In the digital age, distance should never be a barrier to quality sleep solutions. Ola extends her exclusive support through online sleep training services. From the comfort of your home, connect with her via video calls, text/voice messages or emails to receive personalized guidance tailored to your child's sleep needs. Experience the convenience of expert advice at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

Sleep Training Solutions For Babies & Toddlers

In-Home Sleep Services: A Personalized Approach

For families in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Ola brings her expertise directly to your doorstep! Her in-home sleep services go beyond conventional methods, allowing Ola to assess your child's sleep environment firsthand, craft a customized plan that fits seamlessly into your daily life while providing invaluable support for exhausted parents.

Online Sleep Support from Pediatric Sleep Coach

Affordable Packages: Quality Sleep Within Reach

Quality sleep shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Ola is committed to making her services accessible to all families. Explore her affordable packages that cater to various needs, ensuring that every family can embark on a journey to better sleep without financial strain. Rest easy knowing that expert guidance is within reach, no matter your budget, with payment plans available upon request.

Sleep Training Workshops

With a blend of expertise and empathy, I am available for hire to speak at a variety of venues, including daycares, schools, coffee shops, and more, spreading awareness and empowering communities to embrace restful nights for both children and parents alike. From soothing bedtime routines to tackling night-wakings with confidence, these workshops provide caregivers guidance to navigate through their little ones' sleep challenges.

Pediatric Sleep Training Solutions For Babies & Toddlers

Genuine Support: More Than Just Sleep Training

Ola goes beyond conventional sleep consulting. Her approach is holistic, considering factors such as nutrition, developmental milestones, child's temperament, parents' parenting style and family dynamics. With exclusive support, you're not just receiving a sleep plan; you're gaining a partner in your parenting journey. Experience ongoing guidance and support that extends beyond sleep training, ensuring a sustainable and positive impact on your family's wellness.

Serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia & Pennsylvania

Ola is proud to offer her in-home services to families in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you're in these areas, you can benefit from a hands-on approach that takes into account the specific nuances of your region. Trust in Aleksandra's local expertise to guide your family towards nights filled with restful sleep.

Let's Bring Balance Back To Your Family

Embark on your journey to a well-rested family with Ola's online sleep training support & in-home sleep services. Choose affordability without compromising on quality, and experience the exclusive support that has transformed the lives of families nationwide.