My name is....

Ola Banasik

I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, with multi-year child care experience and I am absolutely thrilled at the opportunity of helping your baby and your family thrive. 

Years of working professionally as an educator and full-time caregiver allowed me to gain extensive experience within childcare, children’s psychology and assisting parents to troubleshoot different aspects of parenting, especially sleep.

I help exhausted parents teach their babies proper sleep hygiene and habits around sleep which will have life-long benefits for your child. I consider independent sleep a foundation for both and a key to sleeping through the night. Healing, restorative night sleep will greatly contribute to your baby's health, wellness so you can have your nights back, too! We can achieve these goals without resorting to the “Cry It Out” method. I do not teach extinction methods because I am against leaving babies alone without checking on them. Sleep is when we restore and heal, therefore, it should be stress-free and babies should be loved and comforted at bedtime. Methods I teach are highly effective if applied properly and they allow you to tend to and comfort your baby in a reasonable amount of time. 

Combining my background in children's psychology and childcare experience with practical advice, empathy and energetic principles, I am not quite like any other coach you’ve encountered. I infuse my sleep plans with love, consideration & support. It is my mission to empower and support your family so you can begin experiencing parenting in a completely different way. 

I want to remind you what an amazing parent you are. Bringing a life into this world & the sense of responsibility are overwhelming enough. Allow me to work my magic and apply what I have learnt over the course of years to help your child sleep well so you can focus completely on being a happy parent, planning a date night, girls' night out - enjoying life because you absolutely deserve it.

I promise you there is an answer. I promise a good night sleep is much closer than you think.



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