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Aleksandra Banasik, CEO

About Me

I single-handedly founded The Real Baby World LLC in 2018, and I never thought I would be an entrepreneur nor did the vision for this platform come to me overnight either. 
It took time for this idea to evolve and mature. Heck, I went through so much growth over the years and I couldn't be prouder of myself.

I came to the U.S. over a decade ago after earning my BA degree in Poland (English linguistics & teaching English as SL). I was a nanny for many years and cared for the most amazing children, each of whom has left their own imprint in my heart. But working for someone just didn't feel right. I wanted freedom and independence. 

Years of working professionally as a full-time caregiver allowed me to gain extensive experience within childcare, children’s psychology and assisting parents to troubleshoot different aspects of parenting. 
As a person who grew up in Europe and have lived in the US for many years now, I had a chance to observe two various and very different perspectives on raising children and approaching parenthood.

You may think that by know I would have a key to perfect parenting. I don't. I don't think perfect parenting exists. We are humans and sometimes we just mess things up. We do, so we can learn from these experiences and grow - in parenting, in all relationships, in life. I can tell you what a key to h a p p y parenting is. I believe it's balance.

I believe my multiyear experience, empathy as well as fantastic listening skills are my biggest assets and will be key for The Real Baby World's success.  
In the near future, I plan on expanding to wide variety of products that are 100% safe for children so you can shop here worry-free. In addition, coaching packages (sleep coaching, parental coaching) will be available soon for purchase. I hope to work with many families to help overcome their struggles and thrive. 

Should you have any questions or would like to share anything with me, click onto "CONTACT" from the main menu.

Aleksandra "Ola" Banasik

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