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What is SLEEP TRAINING? Truths, myths and will hiring a sleep consultant help.

Hello! I am so happy you are here! My name is Ola. I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, with multi-year experience in child care & children’s education and I am absolutely thrilled you are here. You reached this place because you’re looking for ways to help your child sleep better. Breathe a sigh of relief because you are at the perfect place! Let’s start with what SLEEP TRAINING is because there are many stereotypes circling around sleep training. 

Let’s start with “Cry it Out”, known as full extinction or Ferber’s method. The most common misconception, and most hurtful to the sleep consultation industry is that sleep training equals crying it out. That is a lie. Sleep training is simply a process of helping a baby sleep well. Yes, Cry It Out is one of the methods BUT not the only one! Your child doesn’t have to cry themselves to sleep. I help exhausted parents teach their babies proper sleep hygiene and habits around sleep and the methods I teach are gentle and gradual that allow you to comfort your child in a reasonable amount of time. 

So if you are wondering if during sleep training with me you will be leaving your child to cry it out so they fall asleep out of exhaustion, my answer is absolutely not. 

I do not teach extinction methods because I am against leaving babies alone without checking on them. It is not healthy nor safe. Sleep is when we restore and heal, therefore, it should be stress-free and babies should be loved and comforted at bedtime. 

I am sure you are also wondering how someone like me can help you, right? Because there are many books about sleep, sleep training and what other things can I tell you?
Since you are here, something is not quite working, is it? I believe literature can be so helpful, however, when it comes to sleep training, it is a bit more complex than one solution for all. Sleep training is a puzzle and it is multifaceted – a lot of factors come into play and because every child is different and adapts to changes at their own pace, they all need to be looked at individually. It is my job to discover your child’s sleep challenges and guide you in the process of overcoming them with a carefully crafted, fully tailored sleep plan. 

Think of athletes, for example, they hire coaches to achieve their goals faster. When you want to invest, you hire a financial advisor. Hiring someone like me will just take out the guessing and will get you to restful nights faster.

Sleep is healing. It is so important to your child’s health and wellness – by helping your child learn how to sleep well, you are giving them a gift. I promise you there is an answer. I promise you a good night’s sleep for the entire family is much closer than you think.

You may schedule a call with me right now! Let’s chat & make a new game plan!

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