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Baby Food Guide eBook with recipes for babies and toddlers

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This eBook was curated by our CEO, Aleksandra - the childcare expert, with an intention to empower parents to make confident choices and equip them with tools to make the milestone of introducing solid foods and transitioning to table foods worry-free. Plethora of recipes included!

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 "It is absolutely her favorite teether. The clip-on feature is strong (love that it is plastic - no rust over time) and does NOT pull off until released by adult fingers. It actually LOOKS just like a macaroon! She chews not only on the cookie but on the beads, too!"

Melody Rose

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"Introduction of solids was an extremely stressful time for me as a new mom. I bought this e-book for a friend when she became pregnant with her first baby and I wish I had it when my little one turned 6 months. The recipes are simple but give a good idea of different mixes. Plus TONS of pro tips! Def a must-have!

Margaret Waeng 

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"I was so excited when we got this teether (very nicely packed). It looks so adorable and is very well-made and is 100% SAFE! Perfect size and has lots of texture. It is basically my daughter's favorite toy - at home and when we're out and about. We will be definitely ordering it for our nieces and nephews! I am glad I could support a small business as well!"

Aikiko Richardson

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Mint Macaroon Baby Teething Toys - Best Silicone Baby Teether for Babies 6-12 months

MINT macaroon teether

This highly unique macaroon teether with diverse patterns, different shapes and sizes of beads will provide desired comfort and massaging sensation EVERY baby will enjoy!

Peach Macaroon Baby Teething Toys - Best Silicone Baby Teether Chewing Toy for Babies 6-12 months,Silicone Macaroon Cookie Baby Teether Teething Toys With a Bead Necklace and Pacifier Clip

PEACH macaroon teether

This wonderful macaroon teether will stimulate all your child’s 5 senses from an early age via vibrant colors, multiple textures, various shapes as well as its unique design. 

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Baby Food Guide eBook with recipes for babies and toddlers

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